George’s Feeding Routine

I get asked alot of the time while at the store, what is my routine for feeding my dogs? And honestly I am not the best example, all my dogs have been free-fed. Meaning there is always food down for them at any given time. This doesn’t always work with all dogs, some dogs devour whatever is put in front of them no matter how much they already have had. When George was a puppy he was that way, eventually though he would leave kibble in his bowl for later on which just turned into us free feeding him. When he was growing up, Ginny was being free fed at the same time, so I kinda have her to thanks for teaching him his laid backness about food. However, there is some sort of routine to his free-feeding, in the morning he gets about 2-3 cups, then at night another cup or so. Ginny taught him that when he asks for food he will get it, but they only ask when they are hungry and the bowl has been empty for awhile or we just got home.

Morning Routine

8:30AM-9:30AM I’ve been adding NUPRO Joint and Immunity Support to his morning food. 1 scoop then about 1/2 -3/4 cup of water, mixing it into a sloppy gravy. Then measure out around 3 cups of food into his bowl. Plus 1-2 pumps of salmon oil mixed in too.

After introducing the NUPRO into his feeding, he literally licks the bowl clean which he never did ever ever ever. He must really like it too as it’s gobbled down within a minutes (safely), I’m happy he likes the NUPRO as having a large breed dog comes all the deterioration of joints and other hip problems. The NUPRO helps maintain his joint, connective tissue and muscle health while providing preventative maintenance for later on in his life.

Night Routine
5:30PM-6:30PM We have our dinner than afterwards George always gets kibble then too. Not as much as his morning amount, but roughly 1-2 cups. During this feeding I don’t add any supplements, it is just straight kibble. He’s never as keen to have his dinner as much as he is his breakfast. Sometimes he will get our table scraps, like pizza crust, or half a wiener. But nothing ever elaborate or very much at all.

Every time I am fixing his food he must sit and wait on his mat until I tell him it’s okay. This seemed like an impossible task when he was a puppy, there were some days where it took him over half an hour just to sit and let me set the bowl down. The next was waiting till I said okay. Now he is so good I can leave the room, come back put the dishes away and he still hasnt budged an inch.


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